Silk culture

  Holocene megathermal (Atlantic) has a warm climate for China, mulberry and Silkworm breeding widely in the Yellow River basin. Legend has it that leizu, the wife of the Yellow Emperor invented "sericulture taken silk", but in reality was invented when silk is still controversial. Chinese archaeologists in 1998 the archaeology of Henan xingyang Qingtai ruins, discovered about 5,500 years ago silk pieces. Another version is in the Hemudu ruins have been found in the weaving tools, take this silk can be inferred using at least no later than the Liangzhu culture (Wei Si, of the starting age of silk technology in China). But the world's most influential, was discovered by Chinese scientists in 1958, archaeological, 3,100 years before dating 3700~ BC (period of Dawenkou culture) of silk fabric.
silk fabric technology was monopolized by Chinese for hundreds of years, due to its production technology at the time was a complex process, because of its unique feel and people attention to the gloss. Thus silk becomes major trade goods in the world before the industrial revolution. Only the Emperor can use the earliest silk fabric, but the silk industry in the rapid development of silk culture from the geographical and social penetration into the Chinese culture. And become an essential senior Chinese businessmen in foreign trade.
at first, China's strict control of the Silk weaving industry and sericulture technology spread, and to prohibit the flow of foreign countries. But Korea is assisted by the Chinese immigrants, achieve success in 200 BC with sericulture technology breakthroughs. In addition, the hotan River in Western regions (500 BC – 300 BC) and India (300 years) successful achievement of sericulture. But the Roman Empire in 550 years or so before they get and the development of silkworm rearing technique of silkworm eggs: Legend of several monks working for the East Roman Emperor in silkworm eggs in a hollow cane, who brought from China and traveled to Constantinople. Although the reliability of this legend is not high, but then the Byzantines did develop the preparation technology of silk and Silkworm room was set up in the Palace Gardens and silk Reeling machine, for the service of the emperor. All the native Byzantine silk was mostly members of the Royal family to enjoy, the remaining material can be sold at a high price to the market.
experts according to archaeological findings speculation, dating back five thousand or six thousand years ago in the Neolithic period of the medium-term, China began to raise silkworms, taking silk, woven silk. The Shang dynasty, silk production has begun to take shape, with high level of technology, with sophisticated loom and weaving crafts. China is the world's first countries to raising Silkworm and Silk weaving silk, ancestors of the Chinese nation not only invented the silk, and flourishing silk, silk, make them dress up, economically, artistically and emitting brilliant light on the cultural arts, and silk clothing wear world. Ancient Sichuan, called three famous Kam Sichuan silk brocade, Suzhou song Brocade, Brocade was woven in an excellent representative, has still enjoyed a high reputation in the world. Therefore, the silk in a sense, represents China's splendid culture.

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